How To Track Your Food Spending Like A Boss

Ugh.  Grocery shopping.   Most people hate it.  I love it. It hasn’t always been this way.  And I still have my days where the thought of loading up a cart, weaving in and out of aisles and around people (ugh, people) and then unloading all of the crap I just bought and putting it away … read more

How To Get Paid To Grocery Shop

It used to be if you wanted to save money on groceries, you had two options: Use coupons Buy items only in season/on sale/discounted Here in the 21st century, with our smartphones personal computers in our pockets, our options are not so limited. Of course, the first two options still apply, and maybe moreso than the tips … read more

Stop And Think About the “Restaurant Fee”!

One of the most important concepts on this blog is that a restaurant is a business – it exists to make money. Duh, that’s what businesses do.  It just so happens that I think they provide a valuable product/service! Touche.  But how valuable is the service they provide?  What if they provide both, as is … read more

The True Cost Of Food: Health

Last time we talked about the true cost of food in terms of money.  Money is easy – it’s easy to see how eating out is more expensive than dining in, and the results of cooking more impact your wallet almost instantly. But now we get to the hard part:  Health. Now, I’m certainly no … read more